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Planting and transplanting trees: Advice and recommendations

Some things to consider
before planting

Do you want to plant a tree on your property? First of all, you have to think about where the tree is going to be located, the space available for planting, and the machinery required to complete the job.

After that, it is critical to carry out a proper verification of electric wires, gas mains and septic fields.

Finally, you must get information from your municipality in order to determine whether you need a permit to transplant, and to ensure that your chosen species is permitted in your sector.

Think of the future

Don’t forget that a large tree will still continue to grow. You must verify the height and width of your tree at maturity so that it does not obstruct your visibility and is not located too close to your home or your swimming pool, and that it does not block the entrance to your house. You must also verify the length of the roots at maturity.

Doing it yourself is risky business

Planting mature trees is not for everyone. Using specialized machinery and the expertise of competent landscapers would be preferable, both for your security and for the success of your project.

Put your mind at ease: the experts at Plantex are here to advise you. When you take advantage of our services, your chances of successful planting are 98%. Note that, in order to ensure adequate recovery, transplanted trees require supervision and watering for 2 years.

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